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Best Leather Laptop Bags For Men

Posted on November 17 2020

Laptop bag for men

Women RULE the fashion industry when it comes to versatility and dynamics, hands down. On the other hand, men have always intuitively gravitated more towards function and practicality but the fundamentals of masculine styling haven’t experienced a revolution per se. Yet change is coming.

It was only until recently that accessories other than wallets were considered unorthodox and, in some cases, even queer for men. Thanks to the hipster culture’s re-introduction of the messenger bag to the mainstream, design concepts have finally made their way into men’s vision of comfort, practicality, and utility. And in this day and age, where electronic gear is an inescapable part of our lifestyle, laptop bags for men have become not just a convenience, but  also a fashion statement. Besides securing your books, headphones, and MacBook steadfast, they also ooze style and sophistication, some of which are on par with current vogue trends.

In this article, we will have an in-depth investigation into what makes the best leather laptop bags for men. But before we delve any deeper into matters at hand, let us see how history paved the way to the modern-day laptop case...

History Of Messenger Bags

The name behind the bag explains it all. They were initially used to carry letters and postal notices by bike couriers and the pony express. Utility linemen wore them back in the 1950s to accommodate all the tools and necessities needed for such a vocation. Interestingly enough, the original modern-day messenger bag model was designed by the De Martini Globe Canvas Company and it was made of cotton canvas with waterproof lining to endure the potential hazards on the job. During those days, the bag was not on offer in retail stores but was supplied by specialized companies based in New York.

With such a background, it is pretty clear how and why the name originated. Messenger bags were structured with two straps for more security and a compartment pocket to keep the tools and invoices separate. It was not long that manufacture companies realized the potential behind this design and thus the demand for commercial production took root. Later on, when technology became an integral part of our lives, messenger bags, too, evolved to properly accommodate out laptops and other electronics.

Types of Laptop Bags

When it comes to dimensions and design, there are a total of six different types of laptop bags for men, each boasting a unique style to suit different personalities and purposes. And if you want your bag to age gracefully, develop a unique patina, and last you a lifetime, definitely opt for pieces made of quality top grain leather. Let us examine in detail each type and feel free to let us know which designs in your opinion are the best leather laptop cases for men.

1.The vertical bag

Messenger bags and laptop briefcases usually come with a bigger width ratio. However, this type is all about height. They come in various sizes, fabrics, and designs but the vertical characteristic is what really sets it apart from the others.

2.The Briefcase

Usually made of leather, briefcases are typically hard-sided box-shaped compared to other laptop cases. Such pieces have a frontal flap, single or multiple buckle straps, and some models are also known to feature outer side pockets.

3.The Satchel

This one is similar to the regular briefcase only it usually comes with two vertical buckle straps and is soft-sided. Traditionally used for carrying books, the satchel has come a long way in terms of styles and designs.

4.The Military Bag

The name says it all! This messenger-type bag is specialized primarily for military use but can be repurposed for other everyday activities. Military bags are versatile, rough, rugged, and oftentimes covered in green or khaki camo. It features many pockets, both inside and out, and can typically withstand the weather better than most of the other commercial designs.

5.The Multi-Pocket Bag

When it comes to practicality, this type takes the cake. Initially designed to suit the needs of utility workers as well as hunters and fishermen, the multi-pocket bag features enough pockets to carry and immediately access multiple things at once. It is ideal for young parents to carry baby products as well as on-the-go artists, such as photographers who depend on equipment portability.

6.The Camera Bag

Similar to the multi-pocket bag, camera bags feature a multitude of pockets. This type is ideal for outdoor and active users. It features one large compartment and additional space for camera accessories, such as adapters, lenses, batteries, chargers, transfer cables, etc.

Materials To Consider Before Purchasing A Leather Laptop Bag

There are no rules for finding a perfect bag. Apart from hitting the right style, finding the ideal use, and adhering to your sense of comfort, you just have to follow your gut instinct. If the little alarm goes off inside you, saying “This is the one!”, then you shouldn’t continue examining things beyond that. It will only complicate things. However, in the case of quality materials, there are some guidelines which can help you make the right choice. Besides finding the right purpose for the bag, various types of leather are used to create laptop bags for men and some of the most common examples are listed below:

Cowhide leather: Cow skin is considered quite durable, making it the best option for purchasing a bag or purse. It has this luxurious appeal to it and feels really good to the touch.

Lambskin leather: Originating from sheep, this type of leather is for people who like a softer texture. The downside of lambskin is that it is not as durable as cowskin and can easily be torn or deformed. This type should not be your material of choice if you are on a lookout for a quality leather handbag or briefcase.

Faux leather: Which is French for artificial leather. It can replicate the opulent appeal of a cowskin leather. In some cases, it is hard to differentiate real from faux leather. But what makes this type so special is its ability not to lose its shape and develop creases throughout use. This option is particularly good for people who are against animal use but still want an accessory that oozes that original leather charm.

Patch leather: By combining pieces of cowskin and lambskin leather, you get this patchwork type that is much more affordable. If created properly, it can even mimic the durability properties of a cowskin leather but it is still not recommended that you buy a laptop bag made out of one.

Additional factors to consider 

Additionally, you should also take into consideration factors such as your body type (especially height), the load you plan to carry, and, of course, your personality. If you are on a hunt for the best leather laptop cases for men, you don’t want to have a bag that doesn’t compliment your physique. For instance, short people will not do well if they carry a big bag that makes them look diminutive. Also, vise versa, tall folks will definitely do better if they have a larger bag that is proportionate to their height and figure. Remember, a leather bag doesn’t just have to look good but also suit you physically.

Another thing to worry about is the amount of weight you plan to carry. If you are using a lot of stuff on a daily basis, the military style bog or the one with multi-purpose pockets will do you justice better. Consequently, if your goal is to show off some style and elegance, definitely avoid bags with too many compartments. The key is to find the right balance between functionality and achieving the desired look.

Finally, your personality has to shine through, no matter if you are going to work, school, gym, or travel. A lot of men are comfortable with stuffing things into their pockets, so there is no need to insist on owning a big messenger or laptop bag. A small one will suffice. However, if you frequently traverse, regularly carry your laptop around with you, and have a lot more going on a daily basis, the bigger the bag that fits your body structure, the better.

List Of Top 5 Laptop Cases For Men

Terrida Ghost Zepellin Briefcase

Terrida Ghost Drake Slim Briefcase, Business Bag

This laptop bag for men made of vegetable tanned leather is the very definition of Italian craftsmanship. What makes this bag so unique is its sturdiness, which is able to endure everyday wear and still look good after years of frequent use.

Unlike a cloth or polyurethane bag, Terrida Ghost Zepellin briefcase ages gracefully like fine wine. The patina becomes more distinguished as time goes on and it is expertly sewn to ooze class. This laptop briefcase features 2 compartments, internal pockets, and one external zippered pocket for more organization options.

There is plenty of space to keep your day altogether, as its interior dimensions are 42 x 6 x 29 cm / 16.5 x 2.3 x 11.5 in and the bag weighs 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs. Perfect for men looking for a gentlemanly bag.

Lorenzo Italian Double Compartment Business Bag

Lorenzo Italian Double Compartment Business Bag, Briefcase

This Italian messenger bag deserves to be on the best leather laptop bags for men list because it is excellent for those who are searching for a compact yet luxurious briefcase. It is sleek and smaller than most, uniquely hand-crafted with genuine vegetable tanned top grain leather, and suitable to store a laptop up to 17” in size.

You can also store your documents in the interior front compartment, while the back interior compartment has enough side pockets for all your business cards, cell phone, writing materials, and other office necessities. As for the back exterior, it has a large zippered pocket suitable for your passport and travel documents.

This double compartment business bag additionally has an optional belt loop shoulder strap in case the user prefers going hands-free. That flap is secured steadfast with a metal buckle which comes with a key.

Pratesi Bruce Range Montalcino Top Zip Leather Briefcase for Men

Pratesi Bruce Range Montalcino Top Zip Leather Briefcase for Men

Also made of Italian vegetable-tanned leather, this unisex laptop bag can be used by both men and women. The tanning technique uses only vegetable products such as tannin, fat, and tallow, as well as applying various waxes and other natural products. This guarantees that each piece is unique in the world. It gains character with age, becoming more and more fascinating to the eye with each passing day.

It is reinforced with material calf leather, includes a cotton cloth bag plush, hardware brass with leather handles, and is equipped with a comfortable removable shoulder strap. The bag’s dimensions are 28 x 43 x 16 cm / 11 x 17 x 6.5 in, weighing at 1.3 kg / 2.9 lbs.

The main compartment is big enough to accommodate your electronic equipment and similarly sized possessions. The bag is very suitable both for students and office workers. The natural vegetable leather with contrasting stitches gives the bag a vibrant appearance. With a sleek design and a huge main compartment, it is easy to carry all your necessities without it bulging out. Pratesi Bruce Range Montalcino top zip leather briefcase for men has a manufacture lifetime limited warranty.

Pratesi Radica Range Ghirlandaio 3.5" Leather Attache Case

Pratesi Radica Range Ghirlandaio 3.5 Leather Attache Case

All the lawyers out there will love this elegant Italian office case, which seamlessly oozes class and sophistication. It literally has enough space to be dubbed a small travel office. This laptop bag for men consists of wood wrapped in leather to give it that stout structure which ensures all your items remain secure while on the move.

Inside, there are a total of 4 compartments for all your documents, tech, and office stationeries. It also includes pen holders, a cell phone holder, and open pockets for your business cards and other thingamajigs you need on a daily basis. It closes with a convenient brass code lock and also includes a dust bag.

Pratesi Radica Range Ghirlandaio 3.5" leather attache case’s dimensions are 34 x 44 x 9 cm / 13.5 x 17.5 x 3.5 in, and weighs 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs - making it one hefty office bag. It is perfect for work, projecting that professional image, and taking traveling to a whole new level. Combine it with polished office attire and you have got yourself a recipe for world-class elegance.

Pratesi Radica Range Brunelleschi Large Lawyer's Briefcase

Pratesi Radica Range Brunelleschi Large Lawyer's Briefcase, Attorney Bag, Laptop Pocket

This Italian laptop briefcase for men projects an aura that signifies you are 100% professional in your field of work. Yet it can also be an excellent gift for law school graduates or MBA finishers. The bag’s appearance prompts a formal dress unless you work in an industry that doesn’t require you to wear a suit every day, of course. It will help you do a great job in distributing your content’s weight, sparing your spine and shoulder from grief.

Pratesi Radica Range Brunelleschi large lawyer's briefcase features 3 internal sections. The central one is reinforced and thus optimal for your laptop. Moreover, there is one large zippered pocket, two pen holders, a cell phone holder, and one open pocket for your business cards. The closure combination lock is Swiss made, which guarantees your belongings will remain tucked inside safe and sound.

Dimensions are 34 x 43 x 12 cm / 13.5 x 17 x 5 in, the hardware is made of full brass metal, and the design is to die for! Just remember that this laptop case is designed for short trips between office, car, boardroom, and other light travels. It isn’t adequate for long travels or loading it up with a water bottle and gym clothes. Keep it classy and practical.

 How To Choose The Right Laptop Case?

Leather Laptop Bag For Men

Two things need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a laptop case: practicality and visual benefits. The best leather laptop bags for men must be able to protect your electronics and promote their longevity. Think of your bag as insurance for your laptop. Learn to appreciate the importance of owning a durable, protective, and long-lasting case, otherwise, things can turn upside down in a matter of seconds.

As we have already discussed, laptop bags come in a variety of designs to suit a variety of needs. So we ask you: Do you need it for work? Do you intend to travel a lot? Or do you use your laptop solely for pleasure?

An increasing number of individuals require their electronic equipment on a daily basis so it is all a matter of convenience. Whether they are hand-held, backpacks, or over the shoulder totes, anything goes as long as you feel comfortable with it and the purpose is fulfilled. Here are some factors you should think about before making any purchases:

Getting the right measures

This may be stating the obvious but the bag must fit your laptop. The reason this is important is that no bag specifies what models of laptops it works for. In order to ensure you made the right choice, you need to have your laptop measurements ready if you are to compare it to the size of your bag.

It is best to have your laptop with you when you go shopping to make doubly sure everything fits well. Think of it as an imperative that your bag can accommodate your electronics because you don’t want to waste time shoving them into the bag and risk any unwanted tears.

Business or pleasure?

Just like they ask you at the airport customs, you need to define what you will be using your bag for. Are you here for business or pleasure? Laptop cases for men need to be resilient and practical because you don’t want any unexpected problems while going to and from work.

If you are a daily commuter and experience getting knocked around the bus or train, extra padding can do you a lot of good, too. If you are a pedestrian, waterproof material for those rainy days should be at the top of your mind. And if you ride a bike or motorcycle, definitely opt for a backpack style laptop bag.

Sufficient storage space

Think thoroughly about all the essentials you plan to carry with you. Can your bag accommodate your everyday demands? Make a list of all the things you need with you and separate them in pockets and compartments. The reason behind this separation is that accessories, such as batteries, USBs, notebooks, mouse, and charger, can cause unexpected bumps and scratches to your laptop.

Another thing you should consider is the weight of your laptop and items because one can get damaged from the other if put under too much stress. A laptop sleeve is also another great way to add a layer of protection, especially when it starts pouring outside.

Ensuring good quality

Fabric durability is paramount. This is what separates the best leather laptop bags for men from the rest. Your laptop is something you use almost every day, and the bag serves a noble purpose of protecting it. Fabric needs to be both lightweight and long-lasting.

Zipper quality is extremely important because it keeps your laptop tucked away safely, without any risks of falling out. They need to last for years, otherwise, you will spend a lot of money fixing something that can easily render the bag useless if left unattended.

Padding is also crucial, especially the shoulder strap. Not only will it protect our laptop but your spine and posture, too. Some pieces of tech can be quite weighty, and you don’t want to constantly deal with the experience of the bag cutting into your shoulder with each step you make.

Strap adjustability is not just a commodity but a key ingredient to comfort. It helps you customize the design to better fit your body and keep things as ergonomic as possible, especially if you are a regular commuter.

Waterproof materials and lining are critical to ensuring your laptop bag stays safe, even during severe weather conditions. You do not want to end up with a soaked up laptop, that is a given!

Finally, scratch resistant materials used to make compartments are necessary if you want to keep your tablet, phone, laptop, and other electronics in pristine condition. You do not want to take your things out of your bag a find them in a worse condition. 


Your laptop bag certainly needs to keep your computer safe and sound but you would also do well to protect the bag itself. Always opt for a model that comes with a warranty so that you can return it and receive a new one should it suffer unexpected damages. Sure, wear and tear are common with use but there is a quality standard that must be upheld, nonetheless. Leather bags are the very definition of durability and damage resistance so insist from retailers and manufacturers on keeping things that way.

Reflecting your personal style

Besides practicality, your bag needs to reflect your character and help you show off some pizzazz. Sure, some people buy them solely for their function but others see it as an extension of their personality. We all like to accessories and enhance our looks so this is a perfect way to demonstrate some style. Quality leather laptop bags for men can transform a casual look into a gentlemanly one.

Also, remember that you will probably be carrying your bag around with you for most days of the week. So why not make it eye-catching, something that really appeals to your tastes? Yes, practicality is very important, but having a fashion sense can give life to the bag. So pick a design that suits you best, not just in terms of function, but also esthetics. It will do wonders for your mood, confidence, and overall appeal.


As you can see, there is a multitude of factors that need to be considered prior to buying a leather laptop bag for men. It is no simple business to be properly prepared for business so take it one step at a time. Take into account everything we have discussed, including the esthetics, and you will do your computer and your sense of style justice. Investing in leather crafts can do you wonders, just remember to inform yourself thoroughly before making any definite decisions.

Also, make sure to enjoy what you are wearing! If there is no element of fun to it, there is no point of owning it. Feel free to check out our collection of best leather laptop bags for men, here at I Medici’s online shop. We will gladly help you find the lifelong bag of your dreams. If you have any additional questions, by all means, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail, phone or social media.

Keep on keeping on, folks!



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