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Leather Bags Trends - Italy

Uniquely designed with cosmopolitan appeal, Madison Island gives couture-conscious frequent flyers exactly what they want—unprecedented access to the latest looks of the season, style solutions for easy international jet setting, and convenient worldwide delivery.

I Medici Leather manufactures Italian leather products in Florence Italy. Our leather is tanned in a very traditional Italian form of Vegetable Tanning; Now better known as organic. Basically that means that our tannins are derived from plants flowers trees as opposed to the common tanning which is primarily chemicals and animal urine. Vegetable tanning is not only eco-friendly but results in a very durable, maintenance free leather. The leather is simply wiped with water to refresh, and remove any scratches or stains. In fact the older the leather gets the more supple and beautiful it becomes. We also offer a warranty to your clients should the need arise for a repair or replacement of accessories.

Professional Leather Bags

    1. Women's Handbags
    2. Women's Purses
    3. Attorney Briefcases
    4. Pilot Cases
    5. Laptop Cases for Professionals

    Our Product Line

    At IMedici, our emphasis is high-quality handmade leather products such as laptop cases, handbags, purses, tote bags, briefcases, duffle and luggage bags. All of our factories are in Florence, Italy. We focus on the IMedici brand in all our products. However, we also promote other brands such as Pratesi, including their Pratesi laptop briefcase and more.

    An exceptionally constructed handmade case with strong leather handles and such is important. For example, leather handles are more durable than nylon straps. Additionally, for travel purposes, reinforced straps can be effortlessly attached to luggage without being damaged.

      1. Briefcases
      2. Laptop Cases
      3. Duffle Bag
      4. Backpacks
      5. Handbags
      6. Luggage
      7. Messenger Bags
      8. Leather Golf Bag
      9. Italian Chess Sets
      10. Leather Tote

      Leather Bags Factories

      Our product line is totally manufactured in Italy with all Italian materials by Italian artists and and that is something that not many companies can say. Italy is always known to be the best when it comes to quality and design. These products are traditional in design but with features that accommodate today's needs.

      Asian made products have flooded the markets and the prices for such products have significantly increased. Given the choice your client will always chose the bag that says MADE IN ITALY . Please take a few moments and view the selection on my website and if you have any questions please let me know. Our products are warehoused in Chicago Illinois, USA.

      We 100% Guarantee that we deliver to you bags from manufacturer of genuine leather handbags. All of our fantastic bags are entirely made in Italy by skilled local artisans, using the best hides and accessories. We produce exclusive fashion handbags in limited quantities, offering the best value for money.

      See a list of Italian leather bags factories we use.

      Bags for your Occasions

      Dedicated for purses, briefcases, tote, laptop cases, duffle and more bags from Florence Italy, we offer leather products in various categories for all kinds of occasions. These include Italian handmade purses/handbags for Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Our wide selection of different styles and manufacturers ensures you will find the appropriate purse/handbag that you require for your occasion.