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Leather Bags Orders Returns & Refunds Policy

Handmade Leather Bags 

Our Return Policy

We have a generous 60 day return policy which helps you select the right leather bag for you.

Within 60 Days of receipt

All our leather bags are handmade in Florence Italy and shipped from Italy or from our US leather stores. Our return and exchange policy is different for US and international customers as most of the time our leather bags are shipped from our Los Angeles, CA location.

US Orders

For All United States Orders: We will accept all returns (and exchanges) of any bag for any reason within 60 days of your order receipt - no questions asked. However, the returning item must be in the unused, original condition.

A complete refund will be applied as soon as the bag is returned to us at our leather store in unused/original condition. Buyer is responsible only for the return shipping cost.

International (NON-US) Orders

For All International Orders: We will accept all returns (and exchanges) of any bag for any reason within the first 2 weeks of your order receipt date in unused, original condition - no questions asked. Buyer’s account will be credited fully, excluding the shipping cost that we have spent to ship the item to buyer’s country. The refund will be issued when the bag is returned in original/unused condition. Buyers are also responsible for shipping the bag back to us as.

For All Bag Orders, Returns or Exchanges Packing Tips

Please ensure to pack your bags securely to prevent damage in transit. Damaged items will not be accepted for return or exchange.

Before you ship an item back to us please call or email us with your original order number in order to receive the return address.

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