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  • Five types of Men's Bags to Buy from I Medici Leather
    Five types of Men's Bags to...

    Looking for leather bags that are trendy, capacious, and classy? You are on the right page. On our webpage, you will find exclusive handmade Italian leather bags for both men...

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  • The Process of Creating Leather Bags

    Every creative process starts with imagination made material using a simple pen and paper. Picture an Italian leather handbag and simply draw it to the best of your abilities. It is said...

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    The Process of Creating Leather Bags
  • What Is Vegetable Tanning?
    What Is Vegetable Tanning?

    In recent decades, the leatherworking industry has caused many environmental hazards across the globe due to its chemical nature of material production. This dire state of affairs prompted scientists to...

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  • The Story Of Our Leather Briefcases

    Are you prepared to demonstrate your business prowess? It takes an elegantly tailored suit, a gallant tie, and matching accessories to portray an image of expertise, class, and knowledge. We...

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    The Story Behind Our Handmade Leather Briefcases
  • Keen Eye For Quality
    Types of Leather - Italian Leather...

    Plan on testing your skills in crafting quality Italian leather bags? Or do you just have an errand to run at the leather supply store? Whatever the case, you will definitely...

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