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Ladies' Trending Accessories from I Medici Leather

Posted on November 16 2022

They say ''Accessories make everything better''. Yes, well-chosen accessories can truly take an outfit to another level. On the other hand, the wrong accessories ruin the whole look. Whatever the season, it’s always important to have a core collection of accessories. While choosing accessories for women it's always highly recommended to choose leather as they have top quality, stand the test of time, and can elevate any outfit from casual to elegant. I Medici Leather suggests types of must-have ladies' trending accessories -tote bags, handbags, briefcases, and wallets. So if you are searching for a gift in the coming holidays keep reading for the best leather accessories. 

Leather accessories

Tote Bags

Finding a high-quality and at the same time budget-friendly leather tote bag isn’t the easiest task, but I Medici Leather offers a budget saving Mezzo Tote bag. It goes without saying that a tote bag has so many uses. You can use it as a shopping bag, a gym bag, or an overnight bag. The bag was created through vegetable tanning, making the tote bag chic and timeless. This bag is as practical as stylish; the interior is roomy- perfect for carrying a laptop and important documents. In the front interior, there is an inside zippered pocket for small items, and a slide pocket. The front exterior has a slip pocket for medicine and other essentials. If you have this fashionable leather handbag, then your closet is complete. Such a handbag offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. The Mezzo tote bag should be fine to give you a perfect look for your next business meeting. 

Mezzo Tote Bag         Mezzo Tote Bag



Dolce Leather Handbag is for cases when you need to do everything at once: look professional, accommodate gym sneakers and a laptop, and organize kids’ toys, reading materials, and other essentials. Being handcrafted and made with genuine Italian leather, these bags are excellent products when it comes to organizing stuff. The bag is super capacious for personal belongings. The middle zippered divider is able to store additional items. Small open pockets are ideal for storing keys, business cards, etc. On the back of the bags, there is an extra zippered pocket ideal for coins, napkins, and chewing gum. The Dolce Leather Handbag is as durable as fashionable. If you purchase this capacious, multifunctional, and trendy leather bag it will become your all-time favorite.

 Dolce Leather Handbag                 Dolce Leather Handbag


Terrida Murano Slim Briefcases are one of the classiest products you will find on the I Medici Leather webpage. I Medici briefcase is the perfect shape and style for a busy lifestyle. These bags contain high durability, and along with them, they can be used for different purposes. They come in six different colors from which you can choose your favorite. Terrida Murano Briefcase is a great way to keep things organized and safe inside. The briefcase unzips from the top. Inside you can put your documents, books, iPad, or other slim devices. It also features one big pocket outside to store your phone, card wallet, and other essentials. This leather briefcase is one of the finest leather accessories for every lady. They define your overall look, also they are fun and easy to carry around. 

Terrida Murano Slim Briefcase                              Terrida Murano Slim Briefcase


The best option for a wallet for a woman is leather because it successfully stands the test of time. Another benefit of a leather wallet is that it will never go out of style. Norina Zipper Wallet adds an air of sophistication to an outfit and makes it feel more luxurious. It has a continental wallet size and unzips from the top keeping your essentials fastened. It has a small zippered pocket inside, where you can store your coins and several small pockets to put your essential cards, ID, etc. It comes in three different colors. This minimalist leather wallet will be the best gift for a lady in the coming Holidays. 


Norina Zipper Wallet      Norina Zipper Wallet

Do not hesitate to click here to buy everlasting leather accessories for your wife, mother, sister, or just for you. Do not miss a chance to elevate your look with I Medici Italian Leather.  




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