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The best Italian Leather Backpack for Everyday Use

Posted on November 17 2020

How to Choose The Best Leather Backpack for Everyday Use?

When choosing a perfect handbag for everyday use, we tend to consider several important things. We want it to be a light handbag which is fashionable but that can contain all of our goods. That’s why you should consider choosing the best leather backpack for everyday use! Italian leather has a reputation so good that if you are considering to invest in Italian leather backpacks, you are going to be very satisfied. And that satisfaction will be so enormous that it will lead you to buy a few more for your child, friend or some other relative. 

When buying the best leather backpack for everyday use you should consider a few things - 

You have to make sure that it’s made from genuine Italian leather

That your backpack suits your personal style and

That the price is just right

Here we will list a few reasons why Italian leather backpacks are the most perfect handbags for everyday use. 

How to Choose the Perfect Italian Leather Backpack for All Generations
Backpacks suitable for every generation

First of all it very hard these days to find a handbag that is suitable for everyday needs. But we want the best and choosing the best leather backpack for everyday use doesn’t have to be hard.

 When we say you need a handbag for everyday needs we mean - grocery shopping, work, school, college, meeting up with friends, going to a library. Practically everything you can imagine doing on a regular day. And the best part - they are the ultimate hands-free bag. Some Italian leather handbags look too professional, others are really glamorous looking and are more suitable for a night out with girlfriends or date. 

On the other hand, backpacks are everything in between. They are suitable for women of all ages, they fit for almost every occasion and are a perfect statement bag. Just think about it why bring with you a grocery shopping bag when you can be absolutely fashionable even at the store! They are large enough, so everything will fit perfectly. 

When your daughter goes to school or college, she doesn't have to wear those heavy nylon backpacks, but an elegant and sophisticated backpack. Having a similar fashion sense as your daughter can be really nice and form a really beautiful bond between the two of you. If your kid is still very young to be wearing Italian leather backpacks, this can be a perfect heirloom she will inherit from you. Just think about it. She will wear an original vintage Italian leather backpack - how cool is that? 

Italian leather backpacks are currently one of the trending handbags on the market. Which comes as a no surprise considering the rise of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘90s fashion. When you look up on Pinterest the latest fashion, you can’t miss leather backpacks. Many Hollywood stars and Instagram fashion influencers like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Alexa Chung, Sophie Turner, Danielle Bernstein and many more all love to rock leather backpacks. 

One of the benefits of owning a leather backpack is not only a bohemian chic it brings out, but you can also use them for short trips, hiking and camping. You’ll be able to fit all of the necessities required for your trip or camping day. 

Benefits of Authentic LeatherAuthentic Leather

Buying a handbag that is great, beautiful and high-quality is one of the best investments you will ever make. Especially when you need something that will last you for a long time, be suitable for your everyday needs and have a reasonable price. Authentic leather bags, whether they are totes, messenger bags for men or backpacks, have many qualities that are always recognizable:

1. Leather is timeless
2. Leather is extremely durable
3. Maintenance is easy

When you have these pieces of information in your mind and agree that these are the qualities your leather backpack should have - then you are on a good way to becoming the newest owner of the best Italian leather backpack.

Brands You Should Consider
Designer backpacks

Finding an affordable designer bag which is aesthetically pleasing, high quality, made from authentic leather and finding all of that online can seem like an impossible job! If you think it looks pretty then the price is too high, if the price is right it’s not made from authentic leather. A never-ending cycle we all get stuck in some times. But luckily there are a few brands you can consider when purchasing the best leather backpack for everyday use that will satisfy all of your needs.

I Medici

I Medici have a long tradition of making high-quality leather handbags, using only the finest leather made by skilled craftsmen who think about every detail. One of the most interesting things about I Medici is that we use a special vegetable tanning process which makes our handbags stand out from the rest. 

Models of backpacks we have are classic, durable and have a dash of bohemian chic to them. They are made only from the most high-quality leather to ensure the legacy and name Italian leather has. Everyone with a sense of style will surely love our brand. 


Pratesi also has a long tradition of making one of the most high-quality leather bags, that are made from genuine Italian leather, and look absolutely refined and sophisticated. Everyone who has ever invested in one of Pratesi’s bags only had words of praise for their durability, practicality and a recognizable gorgeous refined look. They know that sometimes keeping it simple and elegant can say more than a thousand words. They know that the simplicity and beauty of their bags will speak for their owner in the most beautiful way. Everyone with a sense of fashion and refinement will surely love the brand Pratesi. 


Let us rewind. Choosing the right type of handbag for everyday use can be tough, especially if you want it to possess a certain kind of qualities. But that doesn't always have to be the case because if you choose Italian leather backpacks to be your go-to bags you will find out about all the benefits of owning one. 

They are the ultimate hands-free bag which is perfect for grocery shopping, hiking, and short trips. Your daughter will also love them because a lot of fashionistas wear them too. When looking online for something affordable which is also a designer bag don’t forget to check out our site! 

If you liked this article comment below and let us know what you think is the best leather backpack for everyday use and if you have any further questions please contact us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.



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