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The Story Of Our Leather Briefcases

Posted on November 17 2020

Handmade Leather Briefcases

Are you prepared to demonstrate your business prowess?

It takes an elegantly tailored suit, a gallant tie, and matching accessories to portray an image of expertise, class, and knowledge. We are on a mission to help you create that professional image by manufacturing high-quality leather bags for men and women. With state-of-the-art technology, we have refined traditional leather crafting methods to produce iconic designs made of natural fabrics and vegetable calfskins.

Take a look at our extensive collection of crafts, which includes stylish leather briefcases, messenger bags, laptop cases, backpacks, and more. Each distinctive article is characterized by its numerous compartments and pockets, soft and yet durable materials, as well as fashionable designs that are simply timeless.

If you are frequently on the move and engage a lot of clients, a quality briefcase should always be next to you like a knight carries his sword. The world of business is neck-deep in important documents, legal papers, handouts, files, and stationeries, so a compartmentalized bag reinforced with leather will keep it all archived for easy access.

Quality Briefcase

Whether you have to go on an extended trip or routinely hop from office to office, we are here to provide you with a luxurious briefcase that will help you remain organized and ready to travel in style.

Why opt for handmade leather briefcases?

A briefcase has many practical and esthetical functions. First off, you will look elegant while traveling to your destination. It creates a poise of maturity and dynamic style worthy of any businessman or businesswoman. It is perfect for CEOs, executives, lawyers, or diplomats who strive to achieve that polished, professional appearance.

CEO leather briefcase

Apart from being fashionable, leather briefcases are also built to last. Accessories made of imitation leather have a questionable lifespan whereas real leather ages well and holds up over time even during active usage. Durability is one of our products’ finest traits, making them a clever investment. We take pride in our profession knowing that our customers have spent their money not just on fashion, but an heirloom that fuses artistry and craftsmanship.

What types of leather briefcases exist?

Of course, there are many designs and colors to choose from, whether they are handmade or produced by automated machines. However, a more hands-on approach guarantees that the details are meticulously attended to and the quality is brimming with excellence. No true artist will sell his creation until the job is finished spick and span.

Consider each product we make a reflection of our expertise - one which has strict guidelines to ensure the spirit of tradition has been properly captured. There are no shortcuts or weak spots because we believe handmade leather briefcases are the very pinnacle of luxury and sophistication. Each owner is carrying not just a bag but a work of art.

So if you opt for a sleek and slender design, then the slim brief is definitely your choice. Perfect for a light commute, it packs everything a man needs - his laptop, notepad, book, magazine, a pair of headphones, and a safe place to store his house keys.

Mens Leather Bag

Ladies and gents with a heavier carry will love the tall tote as it has compartments to fit just about anything. It is long enough to fit over the shoulder, plus you can stack your books, supplies, necessary accouterments, and more in its spacious sections.

As for modern men who carry nothing but electronics and like to keep things super minimal, the document case will suit their tastes beautifully. It has enough space to store a laptop or a pad, and maybe you could slip in a pen or two with a notepad in case your batteries run dry.

Finally, men who have to jaunt out for a weekend getaway or go on a business trip will find everything they need in the travel duffle. It is sufficiently large to pack loads of items, but still small enough to qualify as hand luggage. So if you are constantly on the move or need an elegant work bag that can also serve as a gym bag or an overnight bag, keep your eyes on the hand-held duffle. It will not disappoint.

The crafting process

It may not be easy but the 2-4 week journey to produce a high-quality handmade leather briefcase has its perks and rewards. We start off by making sure the leather has no weak spots or open cuts. After a thorough inspection, the edges are sanded, painted by hand, and stitched together without any skips for that signature look. When the bag is certified to meet our standards, fat liqueurs are applied for conditioning to give it that glimmering smooth appearance that gorgeously improves with age.

There is no surface finish to protect the full grain leather so every scar you earn from active usage is a badge of honor, creating a unique sample nowhere else seen on earth. Whether you purchase a wallet, a purse, or backpack, all properly crafted hand-made accessories will age gracefully. Our products are designed to turn heads while still emitting that vintage, almost timeless feel so place an order now to receive your personal leather briefcase.  


Ready to show your knack for business with classic elegance? Traveling from meeting to a meeting with our hand-crafted briefcases is the very definition of sophistication and with purposefully designed compartments to transport important documents, stationaries, and other necessary material, your professional life will never look the same. Just remember to maintain their beauty regularly with some wiping, vacuuming, and conditioning. Keep the crafts dry and stored away properly when not in use.

We take great pride in what we create so feel free to peruse at our extensive collection of leather crafts and if any design strikes your fancy, contact us today to make a purchase - signed, sealed, delivered.



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