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What Are The Best Classic Italian Leather Handbags And Purses?

Posted on November 17 2020

Italian leather bags
Having a big collection of handbags stored in your closet is a part of every modern woman. Some of those bags you don’t even bother to wear more than once. Maybe it has gone out of style or it wasn’t made from quality material. But when you decide to invest in Italian leather handbags you won’t have these troubles anymore.

When investing in a leather handbag you should have in mind three things:

1. Quality Material
2. Functionality
3. Aesthetic

First, when they are made from high-quality Italian leather they will last you a long time.

Second, you need something that will serve its purpose.

Third, you still want to look stylish and have a classical item that is timeless.

There are many types of handbags on the market today but only the selected few will get the title of being classic and authentic.

What kind of handbag suits you?
Fashionable woman

Before the 20th century, and the expansion of It bags, handbags weren’t considered to be especially fashionable. They served as a mere container for the necessary things you need to bring with you.  

Eventually, handbags and purses became a symbol of style, elegance, and refinement. With so many types of purses on the market these days, it’s no wonder you can get a little confused when trying to figure out what are the best classic Italian leather handbags and purses.

Fashion is an expression of yourself and purses just add to your overall demeanor. If you are looking to find a great fashionable purse that’s made from high-quality leather will last you a long time and serve you for many years you can consider some of the finest Italian leather brands, and those are:

1. I Medici
2. Pratesi
3. Terrida

What to look for in a handbag?
Perfect leather handbag

Apart from being functional and made from high-quality leather, you should consider a few more things. You have to make sure that the bag you are investing in is made from genuine leather. That’s why buying from reliable sources is one of the most important things.

Italian leather has the reputation of being the best on the market and the fashion industry really owes them. But what makes Italian leather stand out?

Italian leather is made in a way that ensures it will withstand everything.

Only the masters of craftsmanship can make Italian leather durable.

Maintaining an Italian leather bag is simple as you only need to use a damp cloth once in a while.

Here at I Medici we have skilled craftsman that make our handbags into works of art. Second, natural vegetables and plant-based extracts are used to create this brand.

This process results in making handbags and purses that have a distinctive and authentic appearance. Leather bags age like wine. The more you wear them the more authentic they become.

I Medici Handbags
Women Sitting on the Flor with Leather Bags

I Medici handbags have a great variety of bags for a modern woman who is professional, classic and above all stylish. They are characterized by their one of a kind design that will certainly win you over. These are our favorite picks!

Tote Bag
Tote bag

This wonderful high-quality bag is perfect for a woman who values style and practicality. This tote has an additional shoulder strap which can be perfect when you need your hands free. Not to mention that the model of this tote is absolutely eye-catching.

Daypack Backpack
Daypack Backpack

Backpacks are perfect for women who love bohemian fashion. Not to mention that this is the ultimate hands-free bag, so any woman who likes to be practical will love this backpack. They are also the favorites of students at universities.

Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag

This elegant messenger bag really speaks of simplicity and a polished look. Wearing this bag will say to the world that you are a professional woman who likes to keep things simple and high-quality.

Pratesi Bags
Pratesi leather

Pratesi bags are characterized by a highly sophisticated look with a dash of vintage. Their handbags are perfect for business women who like their look to be polished with a subtle hint of vintage.

Attorney Briefcase
Attorney Briefcase

This exquisite briefcase has one of the most luxurious designs. Without any additional detail, it will add to your overall look professionalism and a dash of mystery.

Small Backpack
Small Backpack

Even businesswomen go on holiday and enjoy the weekend. This backpack still has a distinctive Pratesi elegance even though it’s a backpack. And one day even your daughter can wear it to college.

Terrida leather

Terrida has one of the best handbags for businesswomen, women who travel a lot and small fashionable purses which you will adore.

Duffel Bag

This duffel is a perfect substitute for suitcases. Especially if you are going somewhere for the weekend. Or if you travel a lot for work. It has a kind of sporty look but also keeps a refined look of leather bags.

Women's Briefcase
Women Briefcase

The unusual geometrical pocket and the signature gemstones on the zipper, really make this beautiful briefcase stand out. Perfect for business women who love to challenge the norm.

Small Shoulder Purse
Shoulder purse

Every woman needs a small shoulder purse she can carry when going out with her girlfriends. We especially love the yellow color which has been a hit color the past several seasons.

Everyday Handbag

Why shouldn’t you be super fashionable when going to a store, or just simply strolling through a mall. Every woman has the right to look her best even if she’s just going to the bank. This wonderful handbag is spacy and playful with the beautiful baby blue color.


Because I Medici has the best Italian leather handbags and purses, they should be your go-to option for several reasons. The quality of leather and the careful craftsmanship put into making these handbags are remarkable.

They have a tradition of making memorable designs and use the natural vegetable-tanning process which will make your handbag look exquisite. Remember to always choose a handbag that will be durable, functional and of course stylish. If you value these characteristics then you are on a good way of becoming a proud owner of one the best Italian leather handbags!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us and we will come back to you shortly. Also, leave a comment and tell us what type of handbag suits your needs most, we would love to hear it!



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