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What’s So Great About Italian Leather

Posted on November 17 2020

Italian LeatherHigh-end fashion is in debt to Italian leather. Without it, it just wouldn’t be the same. It is highly valued due to its impeccable quality - and in the hands of a skilled craftsman, it is possible to manufacture brilliant works of art. So what exactly defines this reputable leather made in Italy?

First and foremost, natural vegetable and plant-based extracts are used to create this brand. Considering that it isn’t mass produced like chrome-tanned hides, producing Italian leather is a process that takes diligent effort and just the right tanning mixtures. If you are interested to learn more about Italian leather crafts, we have written some of the most important facts as to why this material is the best around the world. So without further ado…

Reasons why Italian leather crafts are the best:

  1. It is extremely durable, well-made, and there is no other type of leather to match its quality. It takes a lot of skills and knowledge to craft Italian leather products that are on par with the highest market standards.
  2. Italian leather is built to endure everything. If you compare it with other types of leather, it withstands everyday wear and tear the most. Most of the nicks and scratches can easily be wiped away.
  3. Vegetable tanning process guarantees that your Italian leather craft is one of a kind! Not only will products have a unique appearance but all those authentic imperfections will be visible due to the natural tanning process. The patina ages gracefully, giving each crafted piece a distinctive look.
  4. It is timeless! The fashion industry is forever in love with Italian crafts, which is why they are used for the most exclusive runway shows. They are the very definition of style and sophistication, so it is no wonder why every piece is considered a luxury item.
  5. Maintenance is simple and clean. Keeping your Italian leather purses, briefcases, and handbags can be a bore but Italian leather crafts reduce the time needed to complete the chore. Just use a damp cloth every once in a while but remember not to overdo it. As you bag ages, its beauty and uniqueness start to pop out so feel free to let it develop its character.

    Available types of leather

    Italian leather crafts

    The quality of the end result depends on the tanning process the most. The vegetable tanning process, which was invented in Tuscan tanneries, may take months to complete but it will provide the best malleable material known to man. Chrome tanning, on the other hand, is much quicker and can produce quality leather but it cannot match the quality of vegetable tanned leather and is potentially hazardous for our environment and skin, too. However, there are also various subcategories of leather, including full grain, top grain, patent, and more.

    Vegetable tanning essentially means that the leather isn’t dyed with chemicals. Instead, natural extracts are used, such as tree bark and vegetable tannin. Bear in mind that there are lots of people who have chromium allergies, which is why this type of material manufacture is preferable. And what is the end result after a craftsman is done working the leather? Strong, lifelong, and water-resistant clothes and accessories!


    Women With Purchase

    Talking about how Italian leather is the best is one thing but knowing how to recognize it is another. It is common for vendors to sell bad-quality or faux leather so it is very important to be able to differentiate real from fake. Here are some tips to help you avoid any misfortunate transactions:

    Certificate tag

    The first thing you should do is check the certificate tag! This is the easiest way to have any guarantee that the product before you is the real deal. Word of advice: always keep your receipt.

    Price tag

    Never settle for cheap knock-offs! Cheap alternatives won’t do your wallet or your style any justice. Price is a solid indicator that the leather quality is on par with Italian standards. Remember, a high price doesn’t always mean branded wares. There are also smaller or recluse companies, which may charge a hefty sum for each bag but the investment will make it all worthwhile in the long term. Never opt for cheaper Italian leather crafts because chances are they are faux or nothing close to Italian. Remember, high-quality products cost for a reason - so stick to higher prices if you want to be a proud owner of genuine Italian leather.


    Every authentic Italian leather accessory should always come with a guarantee - 2 years minimum! Don’t hesitate to keep your sales representative on his or her toes. Ask everything you need to know: What is the leather like? How long is it estimated to last? Who made it and when?

    If the other side of the counter doesn’t know these fairly simple facts, chances are you are being duped. Seriously, the moment you feel the salesperson is insecure, do not make any purchases. Only if a leather product you set your eyes on comes with a long or lifetime warranty can you be absolutely sure that you are getting a bang for your buck.


    Don’t let your eyes deceive you! Be thorough when inspecting leather products. Check for the stitching; does it seem crooked or sloppy? Can you notice any loose ends? Are the buckles, pockets, zips, and other fitting elements well intact? Bad quality leather crafts are usually revealed when you detect those sloppy details. However, do not mistake imperfections on the surface with crafting mistakes. Those imperfections, on the other hand, are what give the bag character.

    Trust your senses

    When in doubt, follow your nose. Real Italian leather has a distinct earthy smell. If you cannot detect it, chances are you are holding a faux leather or the leather itself has been highly corrected and made presentable. If your nose picks up something rotten or chemical, take it as a sign of bad quality.

    Additionally, your fingers can also help you determine. If it feels relatively smooth on the surface, almost silky - it is good. If you can pull it and bend it without damage - it is good. If there is no easy breakage, tear or stretch - the item is, once again, good!

    Finally, your eyes can also be of service by checking whether or not the color is affected when you pull the leather. Real Italian leather crafts feel unwaveringly heavy due to the materials’ thickness and look natural through and through.


    Italian leather is a luxurious commodity. There is literally nothing cheap about it. Many people attempted to imitate it but to no avail. It is impossible to substitute the necessary process of vegetable tanning in order to get the real thing. This is the main reason why each Italian leather craft is one of a kind and unprecedented when compared to other leather products. Tuscany made sure we get the best Italian leather out there and we at I Medici are here to honor that tradition!



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