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Who Makes The Best Luxury Leather Bags for Men

Posted on November 17 2020

Luxury Leather For BagsThe question who makes the best luxury leather bags for men may seem subjective at glance but there are some qualities which undoubtedly differentiate the best from the rest. Whether you are a professional who is constantly on-the-go or a student with a lot of knowledge to absorb, convenience and practicality are essential now more than ever!

Whenever you embark on your busy day, chances are your laptop and the accessories that come with it are never too far from your fingertips, which is why leather bags and cases are nowadays an unavoidable part of our lives. It is true, people rely on backpacks these days the most but there are also other design choices to carry your belongings with class and sophistication, such as messenger bags and briefcases.

So amid all those available bag styles, how exactly can we pinpoint which leather bags for men are the very definition of prime quality? When we are talking about luxury branded bags, there are 3 essential parameters that need to be observed at all times:

  • Durability. Luxury leather bags for men need to be able to stand the test of time - this is the first trait that should pop to anyone’s mind when shopping for leather bags.
  • Function. The bag has to properly serve the function you assign it, keeping your things safe and sound in all weather conditions and traveling circumstances.
  • Beauty. Leather bags need to exude elegance, such as those made of vegetable tanned leather, which develop a patina that ages gracefully and gives the bag that one-of-a-kind character.

    What to consider when shopping for branded bags

    There are many factors that need to be considered before you decide on a leather bag. Bear in mind that you may fall in love with a bag that is owned by your friend or co-worker but it still may not be the one for you are looking for the moment you use it or carry it. So think about all these following important factors before you make any purchases:

    Leather quality

    When scanning the shelves, any type of leather can look vibrant and luxurious on the surface, which is why the type of leather you buy is extremely vital. With faux leather and second-grade replicas available everywhere on the market, it is easy to mistake world-class quality with a cheap knock off.

    What you need is a full grain leather bag. Why this material? First of all, this material looks better with age because the patina it develops gives the bag its weathered shiny look.

    Bonded leather bags, in particular, are something you should avoid at all costs. They are made from scraps of leather which are patched up to make a second-rate version of leather through the use of plastics, chemicals, and other artificial materials. This type of leather doesn’t age as well as full grain leather and fails to emit that earthy natural leather smell we all love.

    Another thing you should pay attention to is the label “authentic”. Do not rush buying products which are labeled with this adjective because chances are they are, in fact, everything the opposite. Even though they come at a lower price and seem tempting, there is a high likelihood they don’t offer great value for your money.

    If you want to be on the safe side, here are all types of leather available so next time you can make an informed decision when shopping for branded bags.


    Craftsmen who make the best luxury leather bags for men say that cowhide is the go-to material if you want superior quality. It has that vibrant look and feel that clearly distinguishes it from the rest of the materials.


    Although they are less durable and more prone to damage, they possess this soft-to-the-touch texture that appeals to a lot of men and women.

    Patch leather

    Just as the name suggests, this type consists of multiple patched up pieces of both cowhide and lambskin leather to create a more affordable version. Although it may possess similar durability qualities like 100% cowhide bags, it still doesn’t match their radiant beauty.

    Faux leather

    Which is French for artificial. This is the antithesis of full-grain leather so if you are fixed on getting yourself a top-class leather bag, this is the material you will want to avoid at all costs. However, some faux replicas make it difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t, so the best thing you can do is trust your senses when holding and smelling the bag.

    The hardware
    The Hardware

    Quality branded bags come with all kinds of functional parts, which are also called “the hardware”. When shopping for a top-notch leather bag make sure to pay attention to these parts, too, which include:

    Shoulder strap fittings

    Whether you own a tote, a messenger bag, or a laptop bag, they all can possess a shoulder strap to help you create a comfortable fit. You may probably think shoulder straps aren’t that relevant but this part of the bag can directly influence your shoulder fatigue and pain, especially when carrying for extended periods.


    This bag part is all about security. You will open and close your buckles for hundreds, if not thousands of times, so it is extremely important to check out their durability and quality. Some leather bags come with one buckle, some with two or more. There is nothing inherently wrong even if you have multiple buckles, just think of the time you will save if you narrow this piece of hardware down to just one.

    Bear in mind that some buckles come in a clasp design, which is very easy to use, enabling you to open the buckle with a simple “push of a button”. Other designs also include magnets that require a little tug on its flap to open the bag and allow you access to the compartment(s).

    Zippers, handles, rings

    Branded bags also possess various hardware elements, such as locks, handles, metallic rings, and zippers. Zippers, in particular, should be made of metal because they last longer compared to plastic ones. Handles need to be properly attached to the bag’s body with metal fixtures and reinforced stitching to secure it steadfast. If the handles have been connected to the body with glue, chances are they will loosen up or come off sooner than anticipated.

    The handwork

    Who would want to buy a bag that cannot hold up to regular use and falls apart sooner than warrantied? Durability is of utmost importance when shopping for quality leather bags and it all depends on the handwork. The best leather material is sure to last for several years but the bag’s stitching also plays a vital role in upholding the bag’s durability properties as well as the looks.

    Wherever you go shopping for luxury leather products, the stitching needs to be thoroughly examined. See if the handwork is done properly: Are the stitchings noticeable, are there any loose ends? Remember that loose threads are a strong indicator that the bag’s quality is questionable.

    The color of the leather

    Branded bags made of real leather typically come in four different colors: black, dark brown, light brown, and tan. Each color is suited for a certain purpose. For instance, black and dark brown hues are optimal for professional environments and solemn occasions, whereas tan and light brown colors are more than acceptable for casual workplaces, events, and outings.

    Black, in particular, is the most formal color choice of all, which complements all suit hues. You simply cannot go wrong with it! Other colors can also do you a lot of good in various circumstances, just remember to keep it simple. There are bags that come with stitching with contrasting colors to create a flamboyant look that, unfortunately, isn’t well suited for workplaces. Best to stick with one color, if you want to be on the safe side.

    Creating your image

    The bag’s design and purpose should complement your profession. Think of it as an extension of your skills, style, and image - something that is important in many facets of our careers. In this day and age, it is necessary to project the right image for your line of work. That is why the quality of your leather bag should be a reflection of your expertise.

    Another thing that you should pay attention to is your body size, stylistically speaking. If you are of shorter stature, it is better to opt for designs that enhance your look rather let it do the exact opposite. Also, vice versa, taller men should choose luxury leather bags that complement their height and body frame.

    The country of origin

    When debating who makes the best luxury leather bags for men, a lot of it boils down to the country of origin. You cannot go wrong with handcrafted leather products from Italy, France, England, and the US because they all have a long tradition in leather manufacturing. However, the majority of bags are nowadays made in less reputable nations, which is why the market is flooded with questionable leather items that can be difficult to tell apart on the surface.

    The bottom line is that the craftspersons and manufacturers from reputable countries are more likely to offer us something truly brilliant and worth the investment. So remember, if you are looking for genuine high fashion that is not only stylish but durable, the labels “Italian” and “French” are a guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth.

    Now that we have got all the quality indicators covered, let’s delve deeper in who makes the best luxury leather bags for men

    I Medici bags
    I Medici Bags

    Of all the branded bags out there on the market, the I Medici bags never cease to amaze with their mass-appealing designs that just ooze generous amounts of style and sophistication. The great thing about this accessory brand is that they hand produce leather products that are unique, extremely durable, fashionable, and easy to order. From wallets and single hardware elements to full-blown multi-purpose laptop bags, totes, and briefcases for men, I Medici is right now at the top of the leather manufacturing business.

    This Florentine leather powerhouse brings us gallant lifelong goods that suit all purposes. If you need a sturdy shopping bags that will also turn some heads, I Medici should be your go-to brand. If you want to keep your belongings safe and sound during your long distance travels, I Medici’s totes are built to last and weather all types of storms. And if you just want a leather bag that will enhance your evening look, this brand has got you covered!

    The advantages of I Medici leather brand:

    • Versatility
    • Superior functionality
    • Looks good with a variety of casual and more formal workwear

      Pratesi bags
      Pratesi Bags

      The Pratesi bags are considered a fashion staple in the business world. But besides the eye-catching looks, this brand also possesses an immensely practical side that aids users in their everyday activities both in and out of the office. They are designed to create a poise of professionalism all the while taking proper care of all your necessary documents, laptop, and office stationeries.

      Pratesi bags are optimal for pros and fashionistas who love to combine their work ethic with their sense of style. These authentic Italian branded bags are famous for their various compartmentalization options, which make it easy to organize and arrange your belongings and office necessities accordingly. Pratesi bags come in a variety of designs so you are bound to find a superb model which tickles your fancy and serves the noble function you assign it.

      The advantages of Pratesi leather brand:

      • Plenty of storage space
      • RFID protection
      • Cushioned interior

        Terrida bags
        Terrida Bags

        If you are looking for style and versatility, the Terrida bags will never let you down. This brand deserves to be on the “who makes the best luxury leather bags for men” list because it produces some of the chicest designs with lifelong quality. Whether you need fashion totes, business bags, travel backpacks or accessories for men, this fashion powerhouse has got you covered! Not only is Terrida known for safe storage and masterful stitch work, but it has a reputation for enhancing your appearance for that elegant night-out and providing you with ample space to store your items without breaking a sweat!

        Terrida bags are also perfect if you are planning a holiday vacation or you just want to skip town for the weekend. With high-quality travel bags on offer, you are sure to endure the road with style and keep all your belongings safe and sound. Each fashionable leather product you buy from Terrida is a smart investment because it will develop a unique look due to graceful aging, one which will literally last you a lifetime.

        The advantages of Terrida leather brand:

        • Roomy
        • Sturdy, long-lasting design
        • Serves many functions

          Full grain leather bags VS. the rest

          As mentioned earlier, bags come in a variety of materials, such as leather, nylon, vinyl, canvas, and even hemp. However, the fashion world has stuck with leather because the look and feel this material exudes is unprecedented. So what exactly makes leather the very definition of luxury?

          It looks good, feels good, smells good, and generally makes us appear poised and dignified. Consequently, there is a reason why they are an investment. Though it may take spending some extra money, they can be handed from generation to generation as an heirloom. Additionally, aged leather possesses a timeless captivating look that a lot of men prefer.

          So if you cannot invest a small fortune in full grain leather branded bags, do not settle for anything less. Better to save some money on the long-run rather than to immediately buy a cheap knock-off that just won’t last.

          How to choose the right leather bag?

          When discussing who makes the best luxury leather bags for men, a lot of it depends on the crafting process itself. The primary reason behind your choice should be functionality because if you cannot store your items comfortably, the bag just isn’t good for you.

          You should also rate the bags by design, durability, and how comfortable they are to carry. The design aspect is the most entertaining of all. It all depends on your tastes and preferences so try to have fun when picturing yourself in various style combinations.

          Price is also a vital factor because it directly correlates with quality. On the long run, quality branded bags are a smart investment because they can outlast any cheap copy and the hide develops a unique character that distinguishes it from the rest.

          And most importantly, trust your instincts. Even though very few of us are real experts in leather quality, you will know it when you lay your eyes on the bag that has your name written all over it.


          Branded bags such as I Medici, Pratesi, and Terrida should be your go-to option because they have a tradition in creating memorable designs and utilizing vegetable-tanning crafting processes. Also, remember the three most important facets when shopping for your quality piece: Durability, function, and beauty! If all three of these parameters coincide with your tastes and needs, then you are well on your way to being a proud owner of a leather bag which is the best of the best.

          Who do you think makes the best luxury leather bags for men? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to check out our Italian leather crafts online store!



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