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Leather Briefcases

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It is common for lawyers, teachers, pilots, doctors, and other professionals to carry a lot of files and office necessities on a regular basis. So, whether you are an executive heading to the workplace or a salesperson meeting a potential client from door to door, a briefcase can help you carry all those important documents in style. 
Professional briefcases come in many different styles, sizes, and colors, and can be made from a variety of materials. Your final choice of purchase should be based on their use or function, design considerations, and, of course, your budget.

Style Or Design

There are many styles and sizes of briefcases available on the market. Those carried by lawyers, pilots, and doctors can be held via a small handle, strung across the body or over a shoulder with a strap, or even pulled along on wheels for traveling purposes. A small briefcase will likely be handheld, while a very large briefcase may have wheels due to excess weight. So before you decide on a briefcase style, consider what weight you are comfortable with, and how much you plan to carry to begin with.
Design preferences may also reflect a personal clothing style, too. A woman who prefers to carry a briefcase like a purse may desire a strap to carry it across the body. Thinking about making a fashion statement? Your briefcase can reflect your sense of style and elegance like no other accessory. But if you prefer a more classic and understated look, opt for a simpler briefcase instead.

Use Or Function

Ask yourself: what is the intended use of my briefcase? Business people oftentimes need their hands free to meet and greet people - so rather than a handheld one, they usually prefer one with a strap, or perhaps a larger case that rolls in order to transport product samples. Or a pilot who is going in and out of places all the time will definitely want a briefcase with wheels for that timeless pro shot with an entourage of stewardesses as they stroll together through the airport.
Professional briefcases carried by executives, lawyers, pilots, or doctors have varied numbers of interior pockets for items such as cell phones or files. Do you plan on carrying many files which need to be separated? There are, of course, professional briefcases with more interior compartments to suit that purpose. Although a standard document is 8.5” by 11”, not all of them will be of that size, so you might as well need a briefcase that will prepare you for anything. Also, if you need to carry sensitive or private material, there are different options for security features, and the exterior of the case can be hard or soft.


The cost of a briefcase depends on a number of different factors. A handmade one from genuine veg-tanned leather will definitely cost more than a chrome tanned briefcase or one produced from synthetic materials. And for a good reason: it is lifelong, extremely durable, and develops a patina which is a sign of graceful aging. High-level executives, in particular, may desire a briefcase that is one of a kind. When it comes to leather, a higher priced one is usually a sign of quality - it will last incomparably longer. A person just starting their first business venture may prefer something merely functional, and may, consequently, want to pay less but it is always a smart investment on the long run to buy something that is lifelong.

Avoid Getting Your Bag Wet

Avoid spilling liquid on your leather briefcase or duffle bag. If you do have a spill or end up in the rain, immediately and carefully blot the area with a paper towel or clean, dry cloth. Then, let the bag air dry completely. Do not use your bag while the leather is wet. Some types of leather can be pretreated with a spray-on weatherproofer. Always follow instructions to determine if you can use this type of product on your leather briefcase or bag.
No matter which style you choose, a professional leather briefcase can be a valuable investment for any executive, lawyer, pilot, or doctor. It is a stylish way to take your documents with you, and its durability will meet your needs for many years to come.

Types of Briefcases

Today’s business world is changing, especially when it comes to fashion. There is now a vast variety of briefcases, each tailored to suit a particular purpose but tradition is merging with innovation to bring you some of the newest and more sophisticated designs. It may take you some research to figure out which type works best for you but know that a perfect bag does indeed exist.


This is the thinnest type of briefcase available on the market. It is a staple in the business world and a popular giveaway item on conventions and seminars. Considering that only flat objects fit inside, padfolios are designed ideally for meetings so you can make a great impression as you walk into the conference room. Usually they do not include handles at the top but are intended to be carried in or under the arm instead.


It is understandable why people tend to mix portfolios with padfolios. They certainly do look pretty similar and have space within them for basic office supplies, such as documents, flyers, pens, pencils, highlighters, calculators, etc. However, there are some distinct differences between the two - the handle and the size. Portfolio does indeed have a handle at the top, making it a much better candidate for portability. The interior is also a bit bulkier and thus able to hold contents of larger dimensions.


In historic times, clothing didn’t have pockets so both men and women carried satchels made of goat hide or calf leather. This satchels evolved into angular briefcases called attachés, which have the most capacity of all. Traditionally, they are designed to have two compartments which can be opened up on the side and are the favorite choice among business folk due to its versatility.

Messenger Bag

If you want to look your casual best - a messenger bag will complete your look like a charm. However, it is a stylish bag choice which can also complement your business attire. Just strap it over the shoulder and rock the workspace. Students, in particular, love this type of briefcase mainly do to its versatility, portability, and maneuverability.

Traveling/Rolling Briefcase

Travel with style with a rolling briefcase. Ones made of quality leather are sure to survive all that airport rumbling and tumbling so you won’t have to have excess expenses every once in a while. This type of briefcase is larger and sturdier compared to other examples, and contains wheels along with long handles for smoother traveling. It’s size can accommodate enough clothes and your tech for a weekend trip, making it perfect for all those business meetings without looking like you packed your whole closet.