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Tips for Buying Leather Handbags & Purses

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Tips for Buying Leather Handbags and Purses

There are many things to consider when purchasing women’s handbags and purses made of leather. Because a leather handbag can represent a significant investment that will last for many years to come, it is important to choose carefully.


Women’s purses come in many different styles, including totes, cross body bags, hobo bags, satchels, and clutches. Choose a style of women’s handbag that fits your personality, and complements your choice of wardrobe. Also, choose a style that you feel comfortable carrying. Consider the length and width of the straps. Does the purse feel comfortable on your shoulder, or would you prefer a women’s handbag to carry hands-free across your body? How much will the purse weigh when full? Are you okay with carrying that weight?


Genuine leather handbags and purses cost more than purses made from synthetic materials. Different types of leather, such as full-grain or top-grain, vary in cost. Also, some name brands cost more than other brands. Identify the budget for your women’s handbag or purse purchase first. Deciding what you want to spend will help narrow down the type you are able to afford.


Make sure the women’s purses you consider are genuine leather, as opposed to imitation or faux. Look at the finish of the bag. Is the leather smooth to the touch? Are there any imperfections or marks on the leather? Softer leathers are also generally more expensive, as the softness indicates a higher quality.


Examine the interior of the bag as carefully as the exterior. Quality stitching affects the strength and durability of women’s handbags overall, so look to see that the seams and stitching are straight and neat. If not, the bag should be passed over.

Straps and Accessories

If the bag comes with any additional straps or accessories, examine these too. The integrity of any buckles, snaps, and zippers should be looked at. Are zippers easier for you, or do you prefer snaps or buttons? Do you need an interior padded area for a laptop or tablet?

Woman Bag

Women’s handbags made from leather often have a distinct smell. The scent of some leather is more obvious and distinct than others. While this may fade over time, there may still be a leather scent to your bag. Most do not consider this smell unpleasant but keep this in mind as you decide on a bag.


Because genuine leather bags represent a significant monetary investment, you should check to see what kind of warranty or guarantee is offered by the seller or designer. Does the warranty cover repair or replacement? How long is the warranty good? What kind of proof do you need to be able to use the warranty? Is it easy to make a warranty claim?


Genuine leather women’s handbags require care to maintain their beauty. This care includes conditioning the bag a few times a year, cleaning the bag with the right cleaners, and keeping it dry whenever possible. Before purchasing, consider whether or not you are willing to care for the bag as recommended. Proper care and cleaning will prolong the life of the bag, while improper care may damage the bag. You should also ask the seller or store to provide you with care instructions if they are not included.

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