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Premium Handmade Leather Bags

Owning a premium Italian handmade leather handbag or briefcase is a sign of sophistication in taste. The best leather handbags and briefcases combine visual appeal and practicality. At “IMedici” we only offer top-quality Italian handmade products.
All of our factories are located in Florence, Italy, where leather handbags are considered, and called, “art pieces.” Our focus is the IMedici brand. However, we do offer other brands such as Pratesi, Chiarugi, and Talja. Handbags are made in Italy by skilled local artisans using the best hides and accessories.
When deciding on a leather handbag or briefcase consider the following 5 important points:

1. Quality of construction

High-quality handmade bags and briefcases are stylish and genuine Italian leather. Our handbags are handmade designer bags constructed of fine Italian leather. Regarding our briefcases, we offer a collection of durable and organized briefcases for men and women.

2. Natural tanning

Our dedication is to be eco-friendly in our production processes. Therefore, when it comes to leather tanning we employ natural methods - naturally tanning all of our products. Our vegetable tanning process is good for the environment. Moreover, vegetable tanning makes leather more durable and helps it preserve its quality and versatility.

3. Interior qualities of various briefcases and bags

Premium briefcases have varied parts on the inside made precisely to sort items. This allows for organization and efficient use of the briefcase. Furthermore, some styles of handbags have outside pockets suited for cell phones and business cards. A good handbag has interiors that allow for orderly placement of personal items. For example, our Alberti Small Ladies Italian Leather Handbag features three internal sections, with the central closer by a zipper.

Pocket variety

Depending on your needs, a laptop case with varied pockets is often essential. A large side pocket may be what you require to house your laptop accessories. Consider various styles of cases and what they offer in pockets
Our Cartellone 3 Scomparti Leather Laptop Case has an external zipper compartment on the back, two pockets with snap closures, a zippered pocket, and three open pockets.

4. Importance of well-made handles, straps, buckles and hardware

Man with bag

The key point to consider is handles and straps that are comfortable and strong. For example, the Borsa Shopping Leather Tote Bag features wide straps. These ensure comfort even when the bag is loaded with items. Additionally, the straps are adjustable from both sides..
In briefcases, our Italian Leather Briefcase IM4700 features a removable adjustable shoulder strap and two front pockets with magnetic snap enclosures. Some briefcase styles have a padded shoulder strap.
Our Leather Briefcase BR 500 features long-lasting brass buckles and gently embossed script writing on the overlying flap. Furthermore, our Chiarugi Understated Briefcase features a central solid brass combination lock. The bottom of the briefcase is protected by floor-rests.

5. The many styles available

At IMedici, we offer a wide variety of handbags and briefcases. In addition, we offer laptop cases, duffel bags, backpacks, chess sets, and tables. Examples in the IMedici line include the Borsa Sella Italian Leather Handbag and the Cartella Scoula Italian Leather Briefcase, among a host of other styles.

Consider the above points when researching a premium handmade leather handbag or briefcase. We offer top products in these categories. We’ve been in business since we first started hand making leather bags and leather briefcases in 1952. Our commitment is to providing you top-quality Italian handmade leather bags and briefcase to suit your needs

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