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Handmade Leather Bags Making Process & Features

Handmade Leather Bags

Handmade Leather Bags

A number of companies in Italy make handmade leather bags, and the art of creating Italian leather bags through a handcrafting process is one that goes back centuries. One well-known producer of Italian leather is the city of Florence. Many people consider Italian leather bags, those made specifically from leather tanned in Italy, superior to other types available in today's marketplace, and for good reason. Italian leather bags are preferred because Italian leather is considered the best available, which results in accessories of the highest possible quality.

Why is Italian Leather the Best?

Italian leather is considered superior to other types of leather largely due to the softness and suppleness of the leather as well as its durability. This type of leather also comes in a wide range of color options to suit nearly any taste. Many products are created from Italian leather, including high-end car interiors, exquisite shoes and much more, and it is associated closely with high fashion and impeccable quality. Often, consumers find other types of leather may lack the suppleness or color choices available to them when Italian leather is used to create a handbag.

Handmade leather

How is Italian leather made?

Italian leather is made from carefully inspected animal hides tanned in Italy. Hides can be turned into full grain or top grain leather. Full grain leather is made from animal hide taken from just below the hair, while top grain leather goes through a sanding process to smooth any potential imperfections.

The key distinguishing factor in Italian leather is the tanning process, which must be performed in the country - even if the animal hide came from outside Italy. A variety of animal hides can be used, but if a hide is not tanned inside Italy, it is never considered Italian leather. Only the best hides are used for making Italian leather, and quality checks are important to discerning consumers. Many tanners use a process of traditional vegetable tanning. After tanning, the leather is sent to suppliers around the world.

Making Italian Leather into a Handbag

After animal hide reaches suppliers, it can be purchased by fashion companies or designers and used to make Italian leather bags. Those wishing to learn the art of crafting Italian leather bags can study bag making and bag design at the Accademia Riaci in Italy

The first step in making an Italian leather bag is to decide on a style that suits your personal taste. Be sure to buy enough leather to accommodate the chosen design before the project begins. To create the handbag, leather is cut into pieces and stitched together to make a finished product. Italian leather bags can be stitched by hand or pieced together with sophisticated machinery to create a final, dazzling result. Many handcrafting or hand stitching techniques are passed down through generations or from a master craftsman to an apprentice. Owning a handmade Italian bag can be a bit like owning a piece of history, one of the many reasons they are highly valued. Like the leather they are made from, Italian leather handbags are durable, supple, and come in a wide range of beautiful colors.

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