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Leather Briefcases Buying Tips

Briefcases Buying Tips

7 Important Tips To Consider When Buying Italian Leather Briefcases

1.Leather Briefcases

When considering Italian leather briefcases, your goal is to select one that is durable, stylish, and practical. Additionally, you also have to examine the storage capabilities of different styles so that it suits your personal requirements. Consider the following 7 important points as you research the bag product that suits your taste and purpose:

2.The Materials Used For Manufacturing
The Materials

The higher the quality of the hide, the more durable your briefcase will be. All of the elements that make up a fine leather briefcase wear in time, including the buckles, zippers, snaps, strap fittings, handles, locks, and other metallic components. Replacing these parts can be quite expensive so it is better to invest a hefty sum from the start, rather than to continuously spend additional money mending faults on a craft piece, which was doomed from the beginning.
Many of our models have brushed brass hardware. Some models have an adjustable quick release closure with key. Our Litigator briefcase, which comes in nine colors, has metal handles covered by fine leather. And our Florentine Junior Briefcases have two front pockets with magnetic snap closures.

3.Choosing The Right Type OF Briefcase

It goes without saying, your briefcase should reflect your lifestyle. What is your vocation? If you are a lawyer, then you definitely need a luxurious attache case to enhance your professional appearance as you enter the courtroom or consult a client. If you like to travel often, then maybe opt for a rolling briefcase instead.
As for messenger type briefcases, they are perfect for both casual and formal occasions. You can get away with carrying one on your holiday trip just as much as going to work. There are two distinctive styles - the hard-sided and soft-sided briefcases - depending on the purpose you see fit.

  • Hard-sided briefcases posses a rigid yet lightweight frame that is usually made of plastic, aluminum, or cardboard. The default look features dividers and folders to keep things neat and only a handle (without the shoulder straps).
  • Soft-sided briefcases have no framing on the top. They are usually used for storing a laptop and documents that need to be accessed in a vertical position. Some soft-sided cases also include locks into the design as the materials from which they are made can be vulnerable to theft.

Attache cases are similar to regular briefcases only they are smaller in size and compact. They are used for formal professional occasions, the interior is simpler with fewer folders and pockets.

4.Briefcase Durability

You don’t have to have a trained eye to notice all the possible faults on a briefcase. Some of the hallmarks of quality craftsmanship include:

  • Straight, consistent, and elegant stitching that has no loose threads. To make sure your leather briefcase is sewn properly, just check the inner and outer linings. Also, reinforced stitching can greatly contribute to the handmade craft’s durability.
  • Metal zippers as opposed to plastic ones. If you are shopping online, make sure the pictures of products on offer have the zipper both open and closed. On the other hand, if you are holding the briefcase in the flesh, see if opening and closing the zipper feels smooth.
  • Sturdy hinges free of rust.
  • Securely fixed handles. If handles are just glued, they will likely come loose after use. Vy for handles with reinforced stitching or metallic fixtures.

5.Compartments And Space

Some slim and compact briefcases can deceive you. How so? Well, the interior is often flexibly designed to have spacious compartments for you to properly store your documents, laptop, etc. Before buying one, think hard what you are going to use it for. Exhibit all your essentials on the table so that you can work out what exactly you will need from a briefcase. Make sure it has enough compartments for you to keep things organized and easily accessible. And if you want to use your briefcase for your travels, ensure that it has a compartment where you can store your boarding pass, passport, wallet, and other necessities.
Someone who is often transporting the same items or frequently traveling will do good to buy a hard case that doesn’t expand to fit all the contents. Lawyers and secretaries might require larger briefcases because of all the necessary paperwork that needs to be carried. Fluctuating work requirements usually associated with non-formal professions will do just fine with a soft-sided case that is flexible and casual. They are, after all, easier to use and weigh much less, making them perfect for dynamic jobs.

6.Tanning Process And Color
Man with bag

Look for Italian leather briefcases that are naturally tanned. At I Medici, we employ an eco-friendly vegetable tanning process that takes time but makes leather sturdier than leather produced by chrome tanning techniques. Tree bark and other natural tanning ingredients help preserve its quality and versatility. We use this vegetable tanning process in all of our I Medici products.
As for the color of your leather briefcase, there generally three hues to choose from: brown, black, and tan. Black and dark brown are perfectly suited for the workplace - it creates this polished professional look that emits a sense of authority. Tan and lighter colors, on the other hand, are suited for more casual and relaxed occasions outside of the workplace. Also, a word of advice - it is not necessary that the color of your shoes and belt match the color of your briefcase. It is completely fine to combine tanned shoes with a dark bag.

7.Weight And Size

The rule bigger is better does not necessarily apply to leather briefcases. Unless your occupation is packed with files and documents, you don’t need to drag a big bag around with you everywhere you go. It can uncomfortable experience to carry a heavy load for no apparent reason.
A default briefcase usually has the following dimensions, give or take:

  • Height: 11 - 13 inches
  • Width: 15 - 17 inches
  • Depth: 4 - 6 inches