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How to Choose Perfect Handbag Brands?

Posted on November 17 2020

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In this day and age the market is overflowing with Italian leather handbags competing for your attention and awareness. This doesn't come as a surprise since the online community has given everyone an equal chance at being recognized and successful. And everyone who has ever shopped online is a part of that community. 

Essentially you are the one that will, in a way, decide the faith of a brand. And by “deciding the faith” of a certain handbag brand you are also towards your way to discovering the most perfect handbag brand that will meet all of your needs, wants, style and budget. 

So without further ado, let’s find out how to choose the best handbag brands

What Is a Perfect Handbag?

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Handbags have been a part of everyday fashion and everyday use since, if you can believe it, the time of ancient Egyptians. To be fair those “handbags” were just small pouches where they stored herbs or something similar but were in use none the less. Over the course of our entire history the use of handbags, like everything else, evolved. 

The evolution was quite remarkable, handbags evolved from simple pouches used for storing herbs, coins, buttons, etc. - to highly fashionable handbags used to store much, much larger things like laptops, books, phones, etc. 

The use of a handbag remained the same - a useful “item” used for storing goods. 

But there was a brief period of time back in the day when the handbag (especially amongst women) craze was all everyone talked about. And thus evolved the “it bag”It bags were considered to be the most perfect handbags ever created, but even that trend came to an end and women turned to something else. 

These are all the things of the past, what about now? What is now considered to be a perfect handbag? 

There is an increasing trend in sustainability and a high demand for pieces of clothing and accessories that are made to last and to be, of course, fashionable. There is no simple answer to the question of the perfect handbag but there are some guidelines anyone can follow. 

The best handbag brands are going to make handbags that are meant to be durable, made from high-quality material and to suit the style and needs of an individual. But there are some differences of opinion amongst men and women when it comes to picking the perfect handbag. 

What Do Men Look for in Handbags?

Men usually don’t like to overcomplicate things when it comes to clothing items and the same goes for handbags. Unless they are very into trends and experimenting with color, shape, and size of their clothing items they will most likely stick to items they particularly like and know they are amongst the best handbag brands

Men who wear handbags are usually people who apart from being stylish are also highly practical. Men rarely wear handbags just for the sake of an accessory, watches and other jewelry are an exception. So, they’ll most likely choose a messenger bag for work, a duffle bag for going to the gym or traveling, an attache case for a business trip etc. So for each occasion a different bag that will be first and foremost top quality with an attractive design and a reasonable price. 

What Do Women Look for in Handbags?

Women are much more complex when it comes to choosing the right style of their clothes and accessories. Women are usually much more fashionable then men, and will sometimes buy a handbag just because it’s pretty and will go great with their new outfit. Which is absolutely fantastic because fashion is a form of expression and that is something (most) men don’t understand. 

So it’s pretty clear that women are much more open to experimentation when it comes to different types of handbags and how they are going to use it. But women can be picky when it comes to leather handbag brands simply because they know what they like, need and want; and if a certain brand can’t offer them that they will find a new one. There are several things both men and women value in the context of perfect handbags and that is the best quality, phenomenal design and a good price. 

Maybe men and women aren’t so different after all. 

Is It Important to Find a Brand You Trust?

To put it very simply - yes, it is very important to find a brand you trust. There are many handbag brands on the market claiming they are exactly what you are looking for, and some of those brands are actually what they say they are. Sometimes, sadly, a brand and their items don’t turn out the way we thought they would and get disappointed. 

So how can someone find a brand they will trust a brand that is reliable and offers exactly what they are claiming? There are a few tried out methods that always work. Obviously you can ask your friends, family members, colleagues or people you trust to share with you what brands they turn to when buying a new handbag. 

But if you are not satisfied with their suggestions you should consider going on a little internet expedition. Look on forums and blogs and try to find discussions about the quality of name brand purses. Also, find everything you can about a brand you just discovered and see if they have a long tradition of making handbags. 

If they are completely new on the market and not many people have had the chance to buy their items, you’ll just have to take a leap of faith. But once you’ve discovered a brand that has proven to be worthy you will know what to expect and will never be let down by any of their products. The majority of handbag brands are easy to find but not everyone will deserve your trust and once that connection is made you know you found something that will stay with you for a long time. 

What Are the Best Italian Leather Bags Brands?

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Italian leather has always had a great reputation and the majority of modern high fashion designers owe their success to high-quality Italian leather. And there is no doubt that the best handbag brands come straight from Italy. 

You probably know all the names of major brands form Italy like D&GVersaceArmani and so on. But there are plenty of hidden gems that are just as good as any of these big firms and some of them have even a longer tradition. The key to finding great handbag brands is in being consistent and not settling for the first thing that comes to mind. 

So what Italian brands have the best leather handbags? 

I Medici

One of the best Italian leather handbag brands is undoubtedly I Medici. I Medici never ceases to amaze with fantastic and unique designs of leather handbags and with unmatched quality of leather. One of their secrets lies in the natural vegetable tanning of handbags and other items. 

I Medici offers phenomenal and high-quality design of both men’s and women’s handbags. You can find plenty of different leather handbags suitable for work, shopping, laptop cases, travel bags and everything in between. I Medici certainly has your back! 


There are plenty of good handbag brands but a few can match Pratesi’s sophisticationIf you are a lover of authentic and original designs that emit a certain kind of vintage sophistication then a Pratesi bag will surely find it’s way into your hand. Pratesi bags are suitable for business people that want to create a poise of professionalism and turn some heads as well. 

Pratesi offers extremely fashionable and high-quality bags for men and women who love leather that looks a little bit rustic while retaining an air of elegance and smoothness. From elegant briefcases to vintage backpacks their collection is simply fantastic.


Terrida has to be one of the best handbag brands that came from Italy. They are an unprecedented brand with phenomenal designs and lifelong quality. They offer an ample collection of fantastic leather handbags for both men and women. What sets them apart is their love of color and geometrical designs. 

Terrida's impressive collection of leather handbags will satisfie even the pickiest people. They offer plenty of different models of handbags for men and women and have everything from briefcases and duffle bags to tote bags and small fancy shoulder purses. Terrida is definitely a brand for people who love to be seen and stand out. 


What do you think about handbag brands? What do you consider to be the perfect handbag?  Do you think it’s important to find a brand you can trust? 

We would love to hear all of your thoughts regarding this topic so don’t hesitate to comment! 

If you have any additional questions please contact us and we will get to you as soon as possible!



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